Belly Dance Video, Belly Dance Basics for Beginning Belly Dancers

A Mini Curriculum To Get You Dancing Today

belly dance video, belly dance basics by leyla najmaHave you ever watched a Belly Dancer perform, moving beautifully to the music, all the while thinking how you’d love to do the same?

Start your Belly Dance journey in little more then an hour, using instruction that is easy to understand and fun to learn . To be clear learning how to Belly Dance takes practice, dedication and commitment, but it isn’t rocket science. Belly Dancing can be taught in a way that is fun and connects the dots so you can start on your Belly Dance journey immediately.

Belly Dance Basics for The Beginning Belly Dancer is a 75 minute video that is somewhat like a mini-curriculum for beginning dance students. It is comprised of 8 short, 10 minute, or so chapters that survey the various beginning Belly Dance moves.