Belly Dance Video, Continual Soft Movements

Unique, Family Friendly Moves for Restaurant Performing

belly dance video continual soft movesIf you’re thinking about dancing professionally, or already dancing professionally, then you know the value of having a choreography tailored to your audience and their enjoyment. Some audiences may have never experienced a Belly Dancing performance and may not “get it” and even be offended by your strong, powerful performance.

You want your audience to connect with you, your dance and your story. As a professional, or future professional Belly Dancer you will find yourself dancing in a restaurant environment where you’ll be dancing for men and women as couples and families.

This special video teaches a different set of combinations you can add to your choreography for performing in restaurants.  These techniques I created because I found that patrons needed to be able to enjoy dance from a non threatening vantage point.

The tips and combinations in this video you can’t find anywhere else. This is from my own personal experience that I am passing on to you!

  • Length: 66 Minutes
  • Released: 2009
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