Opposition Drills, Belly Dance Video

Opposition Drills belly dance Video by Leyla Najma

Opposition Drills is a 46 minute Belly Dancing Instructional DVD comprised of 5 different drills. If your a beginning-intermediate to intermediate dancer these drills will help you with both our in and out of the box choreography.

Becoming the beautiful dancer you want to be means having a level of grace that shows your audience that you’re totally comfortable with the moves that are coming out of your body. Achieving this level of effortless grace means practicing and drilling and practicing and drilling.

In this DVD we work upper and lower body, right to left sides with sharp and soft combinations, with some arms that work in oppositions.You’ll develop improved muscle memory and have a greater level of comfort with the moves coming out of your body (grace)

You may find that this type of drilling and these moves and combination get you out of your comfort normal zone, but that’s the point.

You may never use these exact moves in a choreography but if you drill like this what you’ll find is that getting your body to respond becomes less and less of a thought process and more of a natural instinctual reaction.


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