“Sell, Make and, Keep More Money From Every DVD You Sell”

Belly Dance Video Rental is unique Belly Dance DVD and video distribution service open to all publishers of Belly Dance DVDs and instructional videos. Our focus is simple – to help you sell more, make more and keep more of the money you make from selling your instructional DVDs and video.

You’re an artist. You dance, perform, help others do the same and the more time you spend doing this the happier you are. Dancing is your hearts desire and in an ideal world you’d produce a DVD, hand it off to someone else to do the heavy lifting and then just go to the bank! Sound good?

Well I can’t guarantee to simplify your life and fill your pocket to the fullest extent of your desire,  but what do offer is a “done for you, marketing and automated distribution service for any or all of your Belly Dance DVDs and unlike other services such as Amazon, we don’t take any of the proceeds. You keep it all.

Thats why we say; “We Do The Work You Keep The Cash”

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